Seeking Increase Millette Jones 

I help people who are unfulfilled in their current job take their skills and passions and turn them into work they love, so they will experience a life of freedom and fulfillment.


I'm Millette, mom to a pack of hounds (beagles and bassets), introvert, creative, committed to self-discovery and continuous learning. 

I have been an online entrepreneur for four years now. Prior to making that jump I was a miserable retail sales merchandiser. And I mean both I was miserable and I was a miserable merchandiser because I was in a job that I did not like. 

I spent 6 years in college trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I switched my major from Psychology to Elementary Education to Business and finally to Communications. I focused on Recording Industry and took job at a record label during my senior year. While I thought that was my dream job it wasn't a match for my introverted personality. I transitioned to music merchandising where I was able to spend most of my day driving to different stores and the rest of it working on my own ordering and stocking music.

I spent over a decade working for different merchandising companies. I enjoyed the driving and alone time but the work was boring and tedious. I felt like I was destined for something else but didn't know what that was.

After going on a few cruises for my vacations I created my first website. It was going to connect cruise ship passengers with shore excursions. I thought of doing it after being disappointed with the price, crowds, and quality of the offerings on the ship. I knew nothing about web design and nothing about how to get traffic to my site so it was a complete failure. But I learned that the process of creating something was awesome.

My next venture was to write a travel guide geared towards people who homeschooled their kids. It was great! I loved doing it, I would work 12 hour days on the book. (I had been laid off at the time.)  I loved the research, working by myself, and being creative. But, I didn't know anything about book publishing or selling. I self-published the book and went to homeschooling conventions to sell directly to the families. I managed to connect with a independent sales rep who got the book into Barnes and Noble and many state parks and gift shops. I sold a few hundred books and was proud of that but something  about it all just didn't click with me.

Finally, I started learning about internet marketing back in 2011. I began to build review websites and managed to have some success. I left my merchandising job and never looked back. I was able to go from making no money on my sites to replacing my income from my merchandising job. 

After learning about what it took to build and promote websites I decided to take the plunge and create Seeking Increase. I had been working on my own personal development intensely since 2008. I learned and grew so much in just a few years time I wanted to share that with others. I started playing with the idea of creating a site where I could share the information and concepts that had had such a powerful impact on my life. And from that idea Seeking Increase was born.