What is Keeping You From Your Perfect Work- Part 1 of 3

6 barriers to work you love

Everyone wants to do work they love, work that has a sense of meaning and fulfillment, and that is financially rewarding. All too often though, we stay in jobs we don’t like because we experience barriers when it comes to making a positive change in our work.

Today’s post is part 1 of a 3-part series on breaking those barriers down, so you will know what to expect when they show up (because they will).


Fear comes in many shapes and sizes and can stop us in our tracks. There are many types of fear. Let’s look at the top three:

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I'm Grace, former federal employee, now blogger, coach, and online entrepreneur who enjoys the freedom of a life I've always dreamed of. You can find my articles on The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Lifehack, Mind Body Green, and many other publications. It's my mission to help people create happier, freer, more fulfilling lives through doing work they love. I'm a mom to two amazing teenagers and several cats and dogs.

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