6 Simple Steps to Start Doing Work You Love, A 3 Part Series

doing work you love

We all want to do work that we find meaningful and that will allow us to have all the things in life that are important to us. We’ve found that there are ways to determine what that perfect work is. 

In this 3 part series, we’ll explore the six simple steps that you can follow to start doing work you love.

1. Find the Intersection

You know like a three-way stop sign.

Everyone has things they are passionate about or interested in and things they are good at- those are skills or talents.

When you can get your passions and interests to overlap with your skills and talents, you are getting a clue about what your perfect work might be.

Let’s look at a couple of examples.

I am passionate about my pets, but I am not a vet or a dog trainer or a groomer, nor do I want to invest the time or money to develop any of these skills. My passions don’t overlap with any skills. So I need to keep looking.

I am interested in technology, and I have some experience in web design and graphics. I’m pretty good at techie stuff, and I am willing to invest time and money in learning more about this industry. Here, my interests do overlap with some of my skills. I’m getting a clue; this is something I should keep in mind.

So can you see where I am going with this? Not only do you need to have an interest in a topic, but you also have to know something about it or be willing to invest the time and money to learn.

And one final piece of the puzzle...will someone pay me actual money to do this thing that I am interested in and good at?

Let’s look at a few examples.

Will someone pay me to play with my dogs? No. Will someone pay me to play with their dogs? Possibly.

Will someone pay me to sit outside and enjoy the outdoors? No. Will someone pay me to teach them the wilderness skills I know? Possibly.

We have to see where our interests, skills, and the potential for income all come together. That is the 3-way intersection we’re looking for.

But keep in mind that the thing I am interested in doesn’t have to be the same thing that I am good at. That leads us to #2, we have to look for the unexpected.

2. Look For the Unexpected

Just because I don’t have a degree in Forestry does not mean I couldn’t create my perfect work around the outdoors. If my passion is outdoors but my skills are in graphics, maybe I can combine these and become a freelance graphic designer for non-profit environmental groups or outdoor retailers.

Let’s think of another idea. I’m passionate about my animals. I’m good at designing websites. Maybe I could open my own business designing websites for small business owners and give away my services pro bono to animal rescue groups. I would be doing work that uses my skills and also bring my passion for animals in through the free services I provide.

Here’s one more example. Maybe you are a financial whiz. You love to crunch numbers, and you love sports. Of course, you could get a position in the accounting department of the New York Giants, that’s bringing your interests together with your skills.

Or you could open a bookkeeping service so that you set your own hours and you could just have time in your life to enjoy sporting events rather than actually working in the industry.

Do you see where I’m going? Combining Passions & Interests and Skills & Talents in unexpected ways is another way to create something you would love.

Next week, we will explore two more ways to start doing work you love. I’ll give you a hint; you need to think about how you feel and consider what matters most to you.


I'm Millette, mom to a pack of hounds (beagles and bassets), introvert, creative, committed to self-discovery and continuous learning.

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