How to Start Doing Work You Love, Part 3 of 3

doing work you love

This is the final installment in our 3 part series about how to start doing work you love. Each week we covered two simple steps to move you closer to your perfect work. 

In part 1, we looked at skills & talents and passions & interests and how to combine them in obvious and not so obvious ways to create work we enjoy.

In part 2, we considered how we interact with the world around us, what is important to us, and how to bring those aspects into our work life.

In the final post of this series, we are going to look at something that may seem obvious, but many people overlook it.

5. Pay Attention

We must pay attention to what we like and dislike. So often we can jump from job to job without realizing the same things we hated about our previous job are right there with us in the current one.

What have you enjoyed about each of the jobs you’ve held so far? You will want more of that in your life. And what did you hate about them? Obviously, you will want much less of that.

When you get super frustrated at work, what do you complain about? This is probably something that is important. Do you complain about your co-workers? Maybe you would be better off working independently. Do you complain about your micro-managing boss? Maybe you need more autonomy.

Pay attention to the aspects of your job that you enjoy and pay even closer attention to what drives you crazy. These are both big clues about the type of work you will thrive in.

Now that you have some insight about what types of things you need and don’t need in a work experience, you will want to analyze your discoveries.

6. Analyze

You’ve got to bring it all together. Once you look at these areas, and you have your answers, you’ve got to analyze where you are and what’s been missing up to this point.

Look for patterns and common threads. Look at the jobs you’ve had so far in your life. What did you like and dislike? How did you feel in those positions? Did you get to experience what mattered most or did your job get in the way? Were you doing something you enjoyed and were good at? If not, what was missing?

When you can identify what’s missing, you are better equipped to know what your “must have’s” are.

So to recap the 6 Steps to Start Doing Work You Love: We need to Pay Attention, Find the Intersection, Look at the Unexpected, Notice How we Feel, Think about What Matters Most, and Analyze our Findings.

Can’t you see how knowing just these few things can make a huge difference in how we approached creating a business or looking for a job?


I'm Millette, mom to a pack of hounds (beagles and bassets), introvert, creative, committed to self-discovery and continuous learning.

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