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Last week was Thanksgiving here in the US, and most of us spent time considering all the things in our lives that we’re grateful for. During the celebration week, I heard a quote that I can’t stop thinking about: “If you can’t think of anything you are grateful for, you aren’t paying enough attention.”

Think about that.

If you can’t think of anything you are grateful for, you aren’t paying enough attention.

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How often do we just rush through life without paying attention?

How many times have you been asked what are you grateful for and you give a stock answer: my job, my health, my family? Of course, those are all things to be grateful for, but what if you thought about it for a while?

What would you be grateful for if you really started paying attention?

Maybe it would be for the hummingbird that hovered in front of your window last week. How about for your pet that loves you unconditionally? Perhaps it might be for a neighbor who did something nice for you recently or the grocery clerk that always has a huge smile on his face when you see him.

Consider all the little things that might otherwise go unnoticed or get overlooked in our busy lives.

Now, let’s switch gears.

Gratitude is not the only thing we tend to overlook. We also overlook success, unless it is a huge, overwhelming, amazing success.

We had a great success this week. Grace had an article published at MindBodyGreen and over the course of the first 48 hours the article was shared thousands of times, and a large number of people connected with our Facebook page and signed up at our website. That was one of those “big” successes.

However, we are just as happy and excited for little successes as we are for larger ones. We still celebrate when one person joins our mailing list, or when one person shares our latest blog post.

But why?

This is because successes are more commonly measured in ones and twos rather than thousands, especially in the beginning.

It doesn’t always seem that way, but it’s true. A friend of ours recently wrote an article about how it only took him four years to become an overnight success. To those on the outside, his success seemed to have come to him quickly, but in reality it was a four-year long process full of ups and downs.

If you are on a path to creating a life you would love, you have to acknowledge all your wins, even the tiny ones. Sometimes we want to brush off the small wins as unimportant. If it’s not something we can shout from the rooftops, then it’s not worth our breath.

Have you ever felt this way about a small success? Don’t fall into that trap.

Think about how you feel when you’re successful. It feels good.

When we don’t feel like things are going our way, that feels bad. When you feel bad, all you want to do is mope around, watch tv, and eat ice cream. Am I right?

So what’s the point?

The point is that we can easily sabotage our progress by refusing to feel good about our successes.

When we downplay our success, we allow ourselves to cling to limiting beliefs; we accept our current conditions as our future reality, and we suck the joy out of our dreams.

Creating the life of your dreams is not always easy, but it is always worth it.

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So, how can you acknowledge your success?

Luckily, there are many ways; you just need to pick one that resonates with you and do it.

You can journal about them. Write them on post-it notes and stick them to your mirror. Set aside a certain time every day or week and go over all that you accomplished. Create a voice memo every time you experience a success and then play them back occasionally.

Whatever you decide on, get started today. Creating the life of your dreams is not always easy, but it is always worth it. Spend the next 5 minutes brainstorming ways that you can acknowledge your success, and then share one idea you came up with in the comments below.


I'm Millette, mom to a pack of hounds (beagles and bassets), introvert, creative, committed to self-discovery and continuous learning.

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